20/20 Hindsight | The winner of the 2015 USC Center for Body Computing ‘Hacking Virtual Medicine’ 2-day hackathon with ICT and IEEE Standards Association

Quit smoking. Eat according to a plant-based diet. Exercise five times a week.

Sometimes it's challenging to change our behavior. Particularly when it comes to our health. It's human to change only once something significant jolts us into action, a heart attack, a stroke... blindness. And it's normal to feel a sense of heightened awareness in hindsight. 

So have 20/20 Hindsight. A digital experience that shows you what blindness might feel like. The experience may serve as a strong reminder of what preserving your health means to you.   

Essentially by providing disease experiences using augmented reality & virtual reality, we are evolving communication between care providers and you so that it's lucid. 


See your future. Change your now.

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